•   JESSIE ADAM prayed about 6 days ago
    Brother and sisters in Christ please hear my prayer. I have been praying for months and months and once in a while I see God’s hand, and I give Him praise for saving my marriage. Please agree with me and prayer and keep standing with me. I believe God has blessed this but it feels as if my faith is nearly challenged every single day. A couple of months ago my wife admitted to cheating on me. I was broke, hurt, unfixable. However, God has laid this prayer on my heart so please agree with me in prayer. Dear Father in Jesus name for Your glory and for Your names sake. So that believers may be encouraged and so that nonbelievers may encouraged and so this may be a witness and discouragement for Your enemies. For my families’ sake and honor and for her dad’s sake and her own. I ask that everything You desire my wife and I to think,say,and be. I pray that we be think, say, and be. I ask for a blessing and protection over my marriage. I pray that You help me forgive her and trust her again. I ask for healing for the both of us. And I pray she is never ever unfaithful again, do not lead her into temptation and may she be protected from even the mere opportunity. As for the man who she cheated with, have mercy on his soul however if he continues to try to ruin my wife and I teach him painful lessons so he may stay away. And may God protect our marriage from any man trying to ruin it. Also I pray there is more love in this marriage I feel so bitter towards her and unloved. Help me feel feel love for her and not bitterness and help her love me more she never shows love for me she only says she does. Also we will reunite this summer due to work,school,ect. we have to live apart. I pray she call me soon too. And if it does not anger our Lord I pray for a sign of encouragement. I pray for restoration of my blessings, youth, and health that my own sin,satan, and the world stole from me.I pray for a blessing with a job,finacnces and school and grades. I lay it all in God’s hands He’s smarter He knows what to do. I pray for the blessings, protection, and restoration to be done now. And I ask these things as a servant asks for the best tools only so that he may better serve and His masters work can be shown to others. Most importantly there are four last things I ask God the first is that my wife and I may be God’s children now and forever. Second I pray for divine protection over our health. Three we have been cursed childless, I pray if He wills in His time we have beautiful and healthy children.And four I pray that we both love Him again with all our heart,soul, and strength now and forever.
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