•   Sandy Carr prayed about 4 months ago
    Dinah Branch
    I am in desperate need of prayer! Please prayer warriors...I need your help!! Right now Satan is doing all in his power to destroy my faith. But, I KNOW prayer changes things. Recently (about 5 months ago) my husband told me that he had "fallen out of love" with me. He told me that after all this time (23 years) his feelings had dissipated to friendship. To make matters worse: he also began seeing another woman about the same time. He claimed him and the other woman were "just friends". Call it woman's intuition, or whatever, but I suspected (correctly) that there was more going on than "friendship". He claims that he never had sexual relations with the woman, but I found out that was mostly due in part to him being unable to become "aroused" more so than any CONSCIOUS effort on his part.Anyway, deciding that I had had enough I got his gun out of his filing cabinet, loaded it and waited for him to come home. My intentions were to shoot him in his private parts and then turn the gun on myself. But thankfully, by the grace of God, our son found me with the gun and called 911. The police came and took me to the nearest crisis center. After that I was was admitted to the psychiatric ward of a local hospital where I stayed for 5 days (Jan 8th - 13th). My husband blamed himself for my breakdown and said he wants us to "work it out" and "start over". He cut off all communication with the other woman (to my knowledge anyway) and we have been working to rebuild our relationship. I love him with my heart and soul and truly believe we belong together...that he is my "soulmate". I have forgiven him for his "indiscretion" but it is so hard for me to forget. Sometimes, the betrayal is so painful that I can hardly get out of bed. I still have suicidal thoughts (A LOT!) Actually, I have attempted multiple times to take my life just to ease my pain and the the only thing that has been accomplished is that the Lord keeps thwarting my attempts and keeping me alive, so I guess my curfew isn't up yet and I'm not due home yet. I truly want to get better, feel better and act better. I need this relationship and partnership between me and my husband to work. I know through Christ I am a mighty conqueror, and the Devil is defeated. Please pray along with me that the Lord in His infinite love, grace and mercy will touch our relationship, lives and hearts..that he will make our relationship the loving, faithful,committed relationship that it used to be when we first began dating, and that it will be an honor and testament to His name. Please pray also that the Lord will touch my heart and ease the pain of betrayal and fill it with love for Him and my husband. This is the man I want and pledged to be with for the duration of my life and I believe, no, I KNOW with God ALL things are possible. Thank you in advance for your prayers and God bless you! Dinah
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