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    We received a five days eviction notice (second time going through this process with our landlord) We were put on probation and was told that rent had to be in by the first of each month (we struggle to do this due to low income). Please pray that the landlord understand and allows us to stay. I can't afford to move and we have no place to go. I know the lord will not leave me nor forsaken me. I know this chapter is already written and all things work out for the best... I'm just tired ( mentally, emotionally and physically) I'm working so hard to better myself for my two girls and family-- working and going to school full time, working on my life coaching business and maintaining the house, kids and day-to-day activities.Please pray for my family. I have faith in my Father that he will protect me and see us through this obstacle. Thank you for your prayer- Jessie:)
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