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  •   Matthew prayed about 5 months ago
    Please Supernatural heal Sarah c.e. her stroke. anything else that is wrong with her. Her lungs. the kidneys memory .Exedra.. add 15 plus years to her life. restore her youth. heal her mind, body, and spirit.
    your will be done father. if it is her time and you want her home then take her quickly. but if it's your will for her to be healed then heal her quickly. you're perfect timing father. Your Love .she is healed praise God. thank you Father for Supernatural healing, for your boundless love ,for all the wonderful things you do, thank you for bringing pan into my life and the cleaning lady Pam.thank you Father for loving me. thank you Father for everything. into your hands I place my mother who will be 86 July 10th. I pray and ask in Jesus name. I pray and ask in the father's name I am. For we have not because we ask not in his name. and I pray in the authority of Jesus Christ has given me. she is healed. she is whole glory to the lamb. for with his stripes we are healed not were healed. but healed.
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