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  •   Sandy Carr prayed about 5 months ago
    The most important prayer that I have ever encountered. I pray for my life back, take these words I pray not lightly. I beg for a family, unbelievable love to absorb. My son with guidance an strength to focus on school really change or daily lifestyle. The desire of prayer I have for family in life. The beauty, confidence, intelligence an power that has always been mine be blessed back to me an my son. The emotional an intellectual of strength I have be restored , not feared be apart of my existence. Me an my son will no longer be subjected to the abuse we have gone through for years it will be given back the same way it was taken . Even it was camoflauged, believed , altered, changes an growth that went passing us by with births, money, life living experience with the human body to a life of a lie, that seem real to every one else where we had to go threw havoc, despair, an had to settle an be emotionally wore out so others that hurt, used, an made perfect sense of it for 15 years grew the abundance of happy human daily living of a happy, healthy rich life even with religion. I evoke the power back to us an start living our life that we have been denied of an fought so many years they stole our way of thinking, living, love, family everything none to man because of hate, jealousy, an mean money hungry greed. This prayer is for the lord holy spirit an Christians reading that this never happens to you. I can only explain so much but us we need fellow Christians to pray in our favor to the lord an higher power that our lives , home, human emotional physical bodies , spirit, soul , reputation, an family that hunter my son an I make for us an this very minute forward be in our favor. And that every gap that we need to pursue this life be emotiinally, an mentally right an healthy to live it like we were supposed to live till the very people whom we knew loved an was family changed our life to this very moment where I reclaim it for my son an I. I may have changed to survive but I never will forget what is rightfully mine an my son in this world ?.. We wish, pray, believe an want beg to never let anyone have that power over ones existence again nor let it happen to us again. 2017 The lord I prayed to as a little girl an was an have always had a bond with I pray to him today for his love, protection, healing.. I bound myself to him to experience an live life this second forward I repent of my sins to get our life power love emotional an educational rich confidence deamenor back in Jesus Name Amen.. Also the miracle of life within me be blessed, my relationship with boyfriend, an my future family an everything it holds for me an hunter . in so proud, excited, happy an in love with nature wildlife animals babies career intimacy everything people take for granted were ready to enjoy an live with all emotionally an physical beauty blessed by my higher power mother hunter an I LIVE
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