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  •   Jeremy Watkins commented on this post about 4 months ago
    I'm typing my prayer here b/c it's easier for me to pray in written form, but also b/c I need (my brother needs) the voices of several prayers. My brother the kindest kind-hearted person I've ever known has been dealt a horrible hand of cards over the past year.... both at no fault of his own. (Wrong place at the wrong time situations... the most recent incident being where he was beaten to a pulp, his nose was broken in 2 places & he couldn't see out of both eyes). He was nearly beaten to death. This was a few months ago. I won't go into further detail other than to say he's been doing so much to do everything the right way and putting pieces back together.... but it keeps becoming 1 step forward, 3 steps back. This is wearing on him both physically & mentally. And as for me & my family, it's too much to bear to see the pain & obstacles he keeps running into. My prayer, Father, is that you will raise him above all of the misfortunes he's had this past year. Lift him up... let his efforts not be in vain. Give him hope, strength, faith, and guard him with your angels. Place a hedge of protection around him... no matter where he is & what he's doing... keep him safe from the snares of the devil... keep him out of harm's way & pour your blessings down on him. May Your Almighty favor be upon him. In the name of Jesus, amen.
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